GSN Rebrands for 2020 and Beyond with New Fluid Logo Celebrating LGBTQI Unity

The Rebrand

GSN is a global publisher of LGBTQI news, content, and entertainment. Its’ mission is to serve its community through a message of truth and unity. As experts in the LGBTQI community, GSN has become the authority when it comes to working with brands, driving and delivering results that procure lasting returns and resonate with the LGBTQI community.

We’re excited to showcase the new brand which has been developed for the relaunch of GSN. The new identity is a representation of the mission of truth and unity. The logo itself takes inspiration from the fluid and evolving ways in which people are identifying with themselves and relating to each other. The new logo is a symbol to celebrate this fluid and forever advancing journey of self discovery and its possibilities.

The new GSN brand positions them as a trusted leader and publisher for the LGBTQI community. The aim is to guide and educate clients and communities on inclusivity and the intricacies of the LGBTQI community. GSN’s determination to be a trusted platform inspires the brand mission and slogan: truth and unity. In this spirit, GSN aims to collaborate with brands to target the LGBTQI community beyond just the Pride season and create thought provoking editorial and creative content all year round.

The brand’s art direction has its foundations on that which is on trend, yet carefully considered, sophisticated, expressive and personable. A true direct translation of the curated content that will be featured on the news website, and which will transform GSN into the LGBTQI trusted and informed platform for all things regarding the community and its allies.


The Market

The LGBTQI community is larger than ever with YouGov poll showing that one in five 18 24 year olds identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Building on the idea of sexuality as a spectrum, YouGov asked Britons where they would place themselves on the Kinsey scale of 0 to 6, where 0 is completely heterosexual and 6 is completely homosexual. The results show that when people are asked to identify themselves on a scale, rather than within a defined set of options (heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual), the number identifying as ‘completely heterosexual’ – 0 on the scale – falls from 86% to 72%. The fluid element of the logo is to celebrate this.

Yet these figures most likely play down the size of the community, as there are a significant number of people who still aren’t able to be open about their sexual orientation with friends, family and colleagues. It’s estimated that only half of lesbian, gay and bisexual people (46%) feel able to be open about their sexual orientation to everyone in their family, and nearly one in five LGB people (18%) aren’t open about their identity with anyone at work. GSN’s mission is to reach and inform those who are already in the community, support those who feel they can’t be open about their sexual orientation, as well as help inform and educate anyone who has a friend, family member or colleague who is part of the community.

Words by
David Stybr